­čÄë Ciro raises $3.8M led by CRV!
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Don't let your sales outreach strategy be just hunches and guesswork.

Let data and publicly available signals prioritize your target account list. Engage with the accounts that are most likely to be the right fit for your business.

Work with a data provider that understands your business.

We've been in your shoes - most prospecting & data tools don't work for SMB and Local focused businesses.

Ciro was started to build the sales prospecting platform we wish we had access to.

Industry-specific signals tell your sales team who to contact.

Don't have access to a large Sales Ops or Data Science team? No worries - let us automate outreach based on the prospect signals that matter.

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"Our SDR team 2x'd weekly demos scheduled instantly."

"My CEO was skeptical our SDR team could justify their cost. Using Ciro data to direct our outreach, we  justified the SDR team cost in the first month" (VP of Sales, Dental SaaS business)