We want to change how sales teams find customers.

B2B Sales today is more challenging than it needs to be. Sales teams need to reach out to hundreds or thousands of businesses just to schedule one demo.We think there is a better way.

What we do

We've run sales teams that didn't have access to large data science and sales ops teams.

We're working to give these sales teams access to the same capabilities as larger tech companies - in a way that's cost effective and easy to use.

Industries Served
Increase in SDR Demos
SDR Hours Saved / Week

Meet the people behind
the product

Richard Lee
Co-Founder & CEO
David Winer
Co-Founder & CTO
Ross Geiger
Co-Founder & President
Yoshi Gillaspie
Founding Engineer
Jane Jeong
Founding Engineer
Chief Happiness Officer

What we value

Seek Excellence

Excellence permeates all the things we do at Ciro — the daring ambition of our company, the craftsmanship behind our product, how we hire and retain the best people, and how we interact with our customers and partners

Solve for the Customer

Great products are crafted with a love and deep empathy for customers. Solving for our customers means delivering unique, outsized value such that they naturally prefer to work with us

Teamwork & Trust

To build the best team, Ciro upholds psychological safety, integrity, and equips our people with transparent context-setting, limited oversight, and plenty of runway to drive towards success

Own the Problem

Problems abound in our world; Cironians take a stand to own the problem. We feel immense satisfaction when we (urgently) take the initiative to solve our business’ problems for ourselves and our team

Simplicity & Focus

We defend our time and energy vigorously. Rather than diluting our efforts across many frontiers, we focus — painfully at times — on a select few problems that allow us to make step-wise, leaping advances

Disregard the Impossible

We see problems where others don’t, and we believe they can be fixed. We believe in optimism and that change is not only necessary, but possible

Start making data-driven sales today.

Better data, better results.
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