We want to change how sales teams find customers.

B2B Sales today is pretty messed up - sales teams need to reach out to hundreds or thousands of businesses just to schedule one demo.

We think there is a better way.

What we do

We've run sales teams that didn't have access to large data science and sales ops teams.

We're working to give these sales teams access to the same capabilities as larger tech companies - in a way that's cost effective and easy to use.

Industries Covered Today:
Dental Practices
Average increase in
SDR demos scheduled
Average hours saved per SDR
per week

Meet the team

Ross headshot
Ross Geiger
Founder & CEO
David headshot
David Winer
Founder & CTO
Richard headshot
Richard Lee
Founder & COO
Yoshi headshot
Yoshi Gillaspie
Founding Engineer
Jane Jeong
Founding Engineer
Marlo headshot
Chief Happiness Officer