We want to change how sales teams find customers.

B2B Sales today is more challenging than it needs to be. Sales teams need to reach out to hundreds or thousands of businesses just to schedule one demo.We think there is a better way.

What we do

We've run sales teams that didn't have access to large data science and sales ops teams.

We're working to give these sales teams access to the same capabilities as larger tech companies - in a way that's cost effective and easy to use.

Meet the team

Richard Lee
Co-Founder & CEO
David Winer
Co-Founder & CTO
Ross Geiger
Co-Founder & President
Yoshi Gillaspie
Head of Engineering
Corey Cilia
Founding GTM
Ned Geeslin
Founding Engineer

What we value

Be Exceptional

Cironians have high standards. The desire for excellence permeates all the things we do — the daring ambition of our company, the craftsmanship behind our product, and how we hire and retain the best people.

Act with Urgency

We are relentless in our quest to help our customers and believe that speed is a fundamental advantage in building a great company.

Teamwork & Trust

To build the best team, Ciro upholds psychological safety, integrity, and equips our people with transparent context-setting, limited oversight, and plenty of runway to drive towards success