Ciro Raises $3.8 Million Round from CRV, Y Combinator, and SV Angel

Powering the future of sales teams with superior accuracy & coverage.
Richard Lee
2 min

Today, we’re excited to announce Ciro’s $3.8m fundraise 🎉.

David, Ross, and I started Ciro to fix a problem we observed everywhere: SMB sales teams spending half their day researching who to call, instead of doing what they do best — building relationships. Rather than using a dedicated tool that surfaced customer insights in a timely way, they relied on Google Maps, Yelp, and outdated lead providers to search for potential customers.

Ciro challenges these outmoded tactics by being the first search engine built for sales teams, focused on the 32 million SMB businesses in the US. The platform provides timely company alerts (signaling when a business may be likely to buy) such as changes in software subscriptions, recently hired employees, or new social media posts. Through our software, sales teams build workflows around these alerts to significantly reduce research time and latency, and in doing so liberate their team to spend more time talking to customers.

The initial feedback has been incredibly promising. Companies that have piloted with Ciro observe a 20%+ increase to their sales productivity, crediting the more accurate information, timely updates, and key insights as big upgrades to their high-velocity sales motion.

The Ciro team is excited to bring similar results to the millions of companies whose customers are SMB and local businesses, starting with the highly-fragmented industries of medical, construction, restaurants, and hospitality.

Many thanks to our team of amazing investors for believing in us — especially Anna Khan and Veronica Orellana at CRV, Brad Flora and Tom Blomfield at Y Combinator, Steven Lee and Beth Turner at SV Angel, Tom and Mike Elnick from Tegus, and David Petersen from BuildZoom and Flexport.

If you’d like to join us, check out our careers page here!