How Many Veterinary Practices are in the US? (2024)

Ever wonder if there's a veterinary clinic on every corner in the US? Ciro has the answer!
Richard Lee
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The Answer

Ciro tracks 21,226 across the US.

Our Analysis

Notice that the distribution generally follows US population, with California, Texas, and Florida taking the top 3 positions.

About the US Veterinary Practice Market

The veterinary industry in the United States has demonstrated resilience and growth, responding to evolving pet care needs and economic shifts. The global veterinary services market was valued at $39.69 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach $59.16 billion by 2026. Within the U.S., veterinary practices have shown robust performance, with pet care expenditures reaching approximately $30.2 billion in 2019.

Despite challenges posed by the pandemic, veterinary practices have adapted by implementing telemedicine services and curbside appointments, ensuring continuity of care for pets while prioritizing the safety of both clients and staff. Specialty veterinary services, focusing on advanced diagnostics and treatments, experienced steady growth during this period.

Online appointment booking and prescription refill services have become increasingly popular among veterinary practices, offering convenience for pet owners and streamlining administrative tasks. However, the industry faces challenges such as a shortage of veterinary professionals and rising operational costs due to supply chain disruptions.

States such as California, New York, and Texas are home to a significant number of veterinary practices, reflecting the regional diversity and demand for pet care services across the country. As pet owners prioritize preventive care and seek specialized treatments for their furry companions, veterinary practices are innovating to meet these needs, offering advanced medical technologies and expanding their service offerings.

The demand for holistic and alternative pet care options, including acupuncture and physical therapy, is on the rise, indicating a growing interest in comprehensive wellness for pets. Additionally, the emphasis on pet nutrition and preventive healthcare underscores the shift towards proactive pet care approaches.

Overall, the veterinary practice market in the U.S. continues to evolve in response to changing consumer preferences and advancements in pet healthcare, promising a dynamic and resilient industry landscape.